KRS Education & Training

KRS Education and Training Ltd is a not for profit company looking to change and support their local community and further afield expand their personal knowledge and enhance their lives.


  • Sport & Fun for SEND
  • Safe Zone – Adults and Children
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • ADHD Without Medication
  • Self Defence in Schools (Teachers and Students)
  • Self Defence in High Risk Jobs
  • Education & Upskilling
  • Employability Skills



SEND Sport Camps & Activities in Sheffield

SEND Sporting Delivery

A year of sport like no other, our SEND delivery across the city will create chances for people to access fun activities and have a go at different sports.


Specific groups just for people with SEND: A small Overview of what to look out for

Saturday Morning SEND Specific Football Camp

Full days Martial arts and Multi-Sport activities in the school holidays

Hard of Hearing training programme – Get fit and active with BSL coach

Multi-Sport fun and games trying different sports throughout the holidays at different venues. 




We at KRS believe in removing harmful boundaries and have created a fantastic safe zone in the South East of Sheffield.

It’s really important for young people and adults to find a place to feel safe in a welcoming environment to take a break from their life. This includes when people do not feel safe in their home, at work, or in school.

We can offer so much for each person, 2 really important ingredients, a warm drink and a pair of ears willing to listen.

Taking a Safe Zone to a new level

Working with South Yorkshire Police, Community Youth Teams, Youth Offending Service how do we look after our young people on the streets when they should be in education.

This isn’t an educational issue, students refusing school on a regular basis and out on the streets are probably up to no good.

Parents are not available, schools can’t do anything and the local services won’t have a safe zone for these students, we have opened our doors for exactly this, a safe zone to get students off the streets, a warm drink, something to eat and talk.
If they decide to leave it’s all fine, if seen safe and well, for just 20 minutes a day we are improving lives.

Managing ADHD – No Medication

For decades parents have tried to battle against having their child on medication, the average age of diagnosis is 7.

Meaning medication can be for a long time, and with many thinking, it is the absolute solution.

Parents often report changes in their children they don’t like. Is there another way?

Absolutely there is, it’s about giving young people and adults the tools to deal with ADHD for the rest of their life. Learn how to manage situations and come through the other side.

Other benefits will be to the NHS the money saved on the prescribing of drugs for something which can be managed with self-discipline and a great team developing the skill set.


We look to help as many as people as possible. We teach self defence as well as help rebuild confidence and resilience. We create and deliver programmes and workshops for everyone.

Our solutions are ideal for

Students and Teachers ( Age specific Classes)
Victims of Crime
High Risk Jobs
Private Companies – Staff

We cater for women only, youth only classes or entire families. As well as private corporate groups



Health and Wellbeing

This maybe a big step for anyone, and you’ve found every reason possible not to take the step your head is asking you take, and your heart is begging you take.

1. Andy & Ryan and their team have an understanding for anyone making the choice. Nothing matters  more than helping you to develop, if you can walk 10 metres, they will encourage you to walk 11.

2. The team will help you to believe in yourself again.

3. The team encourages and build you up to stay there.

4.  Individual plans – Individual goals

What to expect

The team will invest everything into you, and help on those difficult days and push on those amazing days.

They help from the outset with realistic achievable goals and ensure you celebrate every single one.

Not only is this fitness, its about nutrition and this isn’t about diets, you may have tried diets in the past, its why you are here. We don’t do diets we improve the quality of the food you eat.

Mental wellbeing is key and for those who want to be part of learning about living in the moment, mindfulness and great tools to help you feel amazing each day.

Education & Upskilling

Adult Learning

We’ve been working hard on an adult learning programme, around employability skills and training, we also have something different planned to help people upskill.

We don’t just deliver with adults we have unique areas for children.

Educating adults and children on fitness, well-being, health, and nutrition is key and it’s important we help people understand more.


Reaching Out to Hard to Reach Teenagers

Young people who do not attend school are far more likely to become a NEET, (not in education, employment, or training) this can lead to crime and sadly a downward spiral.

Our unique programme looks at helping these young people, finding strengths and weaknesses and educating accordingly.

Sadly students who don’t attend school show more bravado than they really have, lacking in confidence and the fear of failure. We start building all the foundations needed for success.


Employability Skills

We will have several projects where we will require help and support from volunteers. 

Building a portfolio of skills to help access further employment or upskilling in key areas. We want everyone we work with to change their life chances and develop them for the better. Everyone deserves a second chance



  • Good communication
  • Motivation and initiative
  • Leadership
  • Reliability/dependability
  • Following instructions
  • Team work
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional control
  • Resilience
office 365 Training

Meet the Team

Andy Hogg

Andy Hogg


Owner and director of a couple of businesses training people , this ex FIFA Match Official is a no-nonsense, no-frills fitness and nutrition to suit everyone, whatever your age, size, weight, ability, and whatever your fitness and health goals.

Qualified and expert personal trainer
Working 1-1, Groupwork and building you with the confidence to thrive.

Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall


Fitness All the Way

Qualified fitness instructor who works amazing with all age groups, creating personalised training programs to help you reach your goals.

Working with Andy delivering group training events as well as individuals reaching their health goals.

Ryan is an expert in getting the very best out of people and beleive in themselves

Joe Dixon

Joe Dixon


Owner of YP Academy, Joe is an expert working witth young people to reach their dreams, working with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
Joe plays for England Deaf team and is a role model to many youngsters he works with.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall


Owner and director of a couple of businesses training people. Simon worked in education for over a decade working with some of the hardest to reach students and their families.
Simon prioritises helping people who require it. From mental health and well-being.
The curriculum is an area Simon does well, by bespoke the needs of the person he works with, and planning the outcome.

Emily Marriott

Emily Marriott


Emily is a dedicated trustee who has come on board to help support the team. 

A superb administrator dealing with budgets in the NHS. Emily will be managing the campaigns budgets and spending to keep everything moving forward.