KRS Education & Training Ltd

KRS Education & Training Ltd is a multifaceted organisation dedicated to improving the lives of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our core mission revolves around promoting various crucial aspects such as mental health, community engagement, physical fitness, and overall well-being. We are committed to working with vulnerable individuals and hard-to-reach families, striving to bring about positive transformations in their lives.

Working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds building trust and establishing positive relationships with young people we aim to support is crucial. By providing a safe space, mentorship, and constructive activities, you can empower disadvantaged youth. (Our new project is also amied at saving lives)

Furthermore, we actively address the mental health concerns faced by men, aiming to break down societal stereotypes and encourage open discussions. Through various programs and initiatives, we promote mental well-being and provide a supportive environment for men to seek help and improve their mental health.

Recognising the unique challenges faced by the elderly population, particularly those aged 55 and above, we develop comprehensive health plans to address their mental and physical well-being. In a rapidly changing world, we strive to protect this age group from potential risks and ensure they lead fulfilling lives.

Overall, KRS Education & Training Ltd is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals across different demographics. Through our work in mental health support, community engagement, fitness, and well-being, we aim to create lasting change and improve the overall quality of life for the diverse range of people we serve.

  • Sport & Fun for SEND
  • Safe Zone – Adults and Children
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Self Defence in Schools (Teachers and Students)
  • Self Defence Women & Girls
  • Education & Upskilling
  • Employability Skills
  • Play & Learn – Sports and Games
Sheffield Self defence classes

Women’s / Girls Self Defence Class

We look to help as many as people as possible. We teach self defence as well as help rebuild confidence and resilience. We create and deliver programmes and workshops for everyone.

Our solutions are ideal for

Students and Teachers (Age specific Classes)
Victims of Crime
High Risk Jobs
Private Companies – Staff

We cater for women only, youth only classes or entire families. As well as private corporate groups

Sport Delivery in sheffield

SEND Sporting Delivery

A year of sport like no other, our SEND delivery across the city will create chances for people to access fun activities and have a go at different sports. 

Vulnerable and SEND Sporting Activities

A change to access different sports, access games , have fun and make new friends.

A range of events across Sheffield and Rotherham. It doesn’t just stop here KRS Education and Training will also help you access sport, with access to hardship funds for those needing this (in confidence) and for those to shy to take the next step. Remember you or your child may have a SEND diagnosis but it doesn’t define you. 

We have 2 day events at the start of xmas holidays near firth park Sheffield.

We have our fantastic glow in the dark day, including Dance and dodgeball at Excel Martial Arts, we’ll put the booking form up in January 23. 

The next Rotherham event will be at the end of March 23. 


Project Leads

Andy Hogg

Andy Hogg

Trustee & Project lead

Owner and director of a couple of businesses training people , this ex FIFA Match Official is a no-nonsense, no-frills fitness and nutrition to suit everyone, whatever your age, size, weight, ability, and whatever your fitness and health goals.

Qualified and expert personal trainer
Working 1-1, Groupwork and building you with the confidence to thrive.

Carl Cousins

Carl Cousins

Project Lead

Carl has extensive expereince and knowledge working vulnerable young people, adults and families. 

Creating projects to get them involved and build their confience and resilience. 

Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson

Trustee & Project Lead

Brad runs his own personal training and nutrition business with qualifications a mile long.

Works hard on the projects and the science behind them.


Simon Hall

Simon Hall


Owner and director of a couple of businesses training people. Simon worked in education for over a decade working with some of the hardest to reach students and their families.
Simon prioritises helping people who require it. From mental health and well-being.
The curriculum is an area Simon does well, by bespoke the needs of the person he works with, and planning the outcome.

Howard Wood

Howard Wood


Howard is great at helping, advising and assisting the team to reach a amany people as possible with the budget we have.

Emily Marriott

Emily Marriott


Emily is a dedicated trustee who has come on board to help support the team. 

A superb administrator dealing with budgets in the NHS. Emily will be managing the campaigns budgets and spending to keep everything moving forward. 


Sheffield Self defence classes
Fearless Females - KRS Community Project